1. How to paint a room (like a pro)!

    One of the easiest things to do for a homeowner to increase the look and feel of their home is painting a room. Most anyone can do this without my advice but here are some simple steps to make things look like a professional completed the job. Tools/Materials Needed: 1. Painters putty 2. Acrylic lat…Read More

  2. Painting Stained Cabinets (The Right Way)

    This is one of the most widely attempted projects for DIY'ers (Do It Yourself 'ers). I have seen hundreds of "How To" websites, blogs, vlogs and questions on social media about this and figured what the heck I'll throw out my two cents for what it's worth. Warning if you are offended by (opinions)…Read More

  3. How To Renew Wood Fences

    I submitted a proposal last week to a lady who wanted her grey fence restored to it's original appearance. This is an easy task most DIY'ers and home owners can tackle themselves as long as they don't mind the labor involved. This potential customer showed me a proposal the other guy submitted to h…Read More