Have you ever been to the paint store only to find that they don’t have the exact color you want or need? With glazing, you can create the color you envision. Glazing is simply applying a thin, translucent film of color of an existing painted surface. Glazing creates rich, dimensional looks and styles. You can vary the color by the amount of glazing you apply. Amarillo’s Top Rated Local® Painting Contractor, Renu Painting, offers glazing surfaces, which is often used in conjunction with our faux finishing services. Below, we’ll review the benefits of using glazing for your painted surfaces. Contact us today!


  • Glazing can be used to create colors. You ever stare at a sunset and wish to somehow capture that deep purple or that sunset orange for your living room, but couldn’t find the right color in the store? With glazing, you can create unique colors and coloring patterns, with only your imagination as the limit.
  • Glazing increases your paint’s drying time. Ever been painting and you were rushed to finish the job before it dries? Glazing extends your paint’s drying time so you have more time to create your faux finishes and the tone and hue of the paint you desire.
  • Glazing creates translucency. You can vary the translucency of the paint you are working with by varying the amount of glaze you add to the paint. In general, the less glaze you add, the less translucent. The less paint you have compared to the glaze, the more translucent.
  • Glazing can be applied with any medium. Using ragging, sponging, or combing are popular techniques when glazing that creates unique textures similar to faux finishing. Experiment with different types of cloth such as flannel or t-shirts and try using bubble wrap for a round appearance. For combing, try teeth of varying widths to see which you like the best. Most types of sponges can be found at your local hardware store. With glazing almost any material can be used to create your unique look and finish.

Renu Painting in Amarillo understands that glazing is an advanced painting technique, and glazing can take quite a bit of time to master. However, the results of glazing give your residential space or furniture beauty that is hard to recreate with other mediums. By calling in glazing experts such as Renu Painting who works with glazing almost every day, you can be assured you will receive the best glazing surface and look that you desire. When combined with our faux finishing, glazing can create pieces and surfaces that look like artwork and will light up your space for years to come.

If you’re interested in residential painting services, such as exterior painting of your home or internal painting of your walls, ceilings, trim, or furniture, Renu Painting can help. We’d love to show you exactly what glazing, faux finishing, and staining or painting your cabinets or doors can do for your home. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a three-year warranty on all of our painting services. Call us today for a free estimate!