Decorating your living space has been around since ancient times when ancient people painted cave drawings on the walls. While paint and painting methods have drastically improved (as well as our art skills), we still desire to make our home our own through paint. Renu Painting of Amarillo offers residential painting services, including painting and staining your interior doors. Below, we’ll review the benefits of painting and staining your interior doors. Contact us today!


  • Match the interior design of your room. Doors have a primary purpose: to act as a passageway between one room or space in your home to another room. They have secondary functions as well, such as closing off rooms when not in use and acting as privacy screens for the people behind the doors. Besides their functional uses, doors also have an aesthetic value and serve as important accents to a home. Through painting your interior door or staining your door, you can match the door to the trim, curtains, or any other feature in your room you want to highlight, such as a picture frame of you and your spouse on your wedding day.
  • Evoke a feeling in your room. Much like lighting, colors have temperature as well, such as warm or cold. By painting your door red, yellow, or orange, you are bringing warmth into the room. Paint your door blue, green, or purple to remind yourself of a breath of fresh air. If you pair your stained door or painted door with the matching light temperature, your room will wrap you up in a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night or cool you down after a long day outside working on your garden in the summer.
  • To serve as a contrast. By painting or staining your interior door a bold color much different from the others, you’ll draw attention to the door. Perhaps that is the door that leads to mommy and daddy’s room, and you want your kids to stay out so you paint it red. Or you want the door to your kids room to be either pink for your daughter or blue for your son, or even perhaps your children pick their favorite color and you end up with a door color you absolutely abhor, but you love your children too much to tell them that.
  • To disappear. A lot of homes have doors that lead to awkward places or closet doors you just want to disappear. You can paint or stain your door the same color as your walls to make it disappear and be unnoticed.
  • To hide dirt. If you have kids or dogs, you know how messy they can be. They touch the walls and doors with dirty hands, requiring you to scrub away. When you use a dark color paint or stain, dirt from your dog’s tail or spaghetti sauce from your daughter’s hands won’t quite be so noticeable — giving you time to clean it up later.

Renu Painting in Amarillo believes painting or staining your interior doors adds value to your home as a cozy space to come home to as well as material value when you go to sell your home or have it appraised. Painted or stained doors are aesthetically pleasing and are a great way to show your style. Renu Painting will paint any surface in your home, from your walls to your kitchen cabinets to your ceilings and trim. We also offer exterior painting services as well as wrought iron fence painting. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a three-year warranty on all of our painting services. As Amarillo’s Top Rated Local® Painting Contractor, we’ve got all your painting services covered. Contact us today for a free estimate!