Unique Cabinet Colors To Refresh and Customize Your Home

Unique Cabinet Colors To Refresh and Customize Your Home

When your home needs a refresh, one of the best ways to make your space feel new and customized is with color! Improve your home’s atmosphere quickly and easily by adding accessories, art, or hardware in your favorite colors, or go the extra mile and add color to your space with paint! Cabinets are a great place to add your favorite colors, too! At Renu Painting, we can help you customize your space without ever even lifting a finger! Here are some unique colors for customizing your home!

Unique Cabinet Colors To Refresh and Customize Your Home Infographic
Kitchen with black and white cabinets

Cool Grey or Black

If you love the look of sleek, modern styles, grey or black may be a great choice for your cabinets! Black goes especially well if you have light-colored countertops in your kitchen or bathrooms. While many people are afraid to paint such dark colors, our team will help you choose the right shade for your home to compliment your home’s style!

Kitchen with green and white cabinets

Relaxing Green Tones

A color that’s perfect for adding to any home is green. There are so many shades and tones in green, and many of them are welcoming, soothing, and add a relaxing feeling to any room. Whether you choose a cool-toned sage or a jewel-toned emerald for your cabinets, you can bring personality into your bathrooms or kitchen easily!

Kitchen with yellow cabinets

Warm Reds or Yellows

If you enjoy warm colors more than cool tones, reds and yellows are great options for your cabinets! A warm, deep red on your cabinets can transform your kitchen into an exotic space that’s perfect for creating delicious, bold flavors. Yellow, whether it’s a bright tone or a soft pastel, often invokes feelings of sunshine and happiness, creating a positive atmosphere in your home!

Bathroom with teal cabinets

Fashion Colors

Of course, if you love fun, bright colors, you should bring them into your home! Pantone’s color of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a lively, deep pink that will add sophistication and life to your cabinets. Other fashion colors like bright purple, soft mint, or electric teal are all great choices for homeowners who love unconventional spaces that are truly customized to their tastes!

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