Four 2022 Home Painting Trends That Will Last

Four 2022 Home Painting Trends That Will Last

No one wants to paint their home an exciting trendy color just to have to paint over it in a few years when it goes out of style. Check out these four home painting trends that our professional painters believe are here to stay, and contact Renu Painting to get a free estimate for your home painting project in Amarillo.

Four 2022 Home Painting Trends That Will Last

Soft, Neutral Interiors

Throughout 2022, our professional painters noticed an uptick in the use of soft, neutral colors to create relaxed interiors that set the mind at ease. Neutral colors never truly went out of style, but their explosion in popularity over the last year is a sign that won’t be changing any time soon.

Door Painting

The Accent Door

You’ve probably seen quite a few eye-catching, colorful front doors around your neighborhood this year. Painting your door a dramatic color that creates a powerful contrast from the exterior of your home can be a powerful statement. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down as we approach the final months of 2022.

Wall Painting

Line of Color Above Picture Rails

Picture rails have become an interior design favorite because they allow you to hang your favorite pictures without drilling holes in your wall and make it easy to rearrange them. Painting a line of color above a picture rail draws visitors’ eyes up and fixes their attention on your pictures or artwork. This is one of the trends our professional painters have seen a lot of this year, and it’s been a joy for our clients!


Back in Black

2022 was a huge year for black paint, both for interior and exterior house painting. This trend has come as the biggest surprise to our professional painters, as black hasn’t traditionally enjoyed a popular reputation with homeowners. After completing a few of these projects and seeing the results, it was clear to see that black was back in a big way — and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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